Large number of trades at the Nordic Exchange in August

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 20, 2007 14:42 CEST

The historical top three list of number of trades at the Nordic Exchange now consists of three trading days from August this year. Trading on August 17 resulted in the third highest turnover figure ever.

Following a strong July on the Nordic Exchange, new records have been set for the number of trades in August. Trades were particularly high on August 9, 10 and 17. Trading on August 17 also resulted in the third highest turnover figure ever for the Nordic Exchange.

“It is not only volatility but algorithmic trading is also an important contributor to the high number of trades on the Nordic Exchange,” says Jukka Ruuska, President of Nordic Marketplaces at OMX. “Retail investors are increasing their activities in times like these as well.”

So far in August 2007, the average number of trades per business day is up 144 percent, compared to the average for August 2006.

Trading on August 17 on the Nordic Exchange Stockholm resulted in the highest number of trades ever, summing to 183,139 trades.

Top ten lists – OMX Nordic Exchange
Number of trades Turnover in EUR
Date Number of trades Date Turnover EUR
2007-08-09 371,219 2007-05-03 9,706
2007-08-10 345,541 2007-07-25 9,102
2007-08-17 341,977 2007-08-17 9,080
2007-02-28 341,762 2007-04-26 9,040
2007-02-27 299,285 2007-08-09 8,894
2007-03-01 295,780 2007-02-28 8,623
2007-08-16 291,017 2007-03-01 8,452
2007-06-08 263,221 2007-01-25 8,395
2006-05-18 248,703 2007-08-10 8,388
2007-06-07 247,916 2007-02-27 8,022

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