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Launch of new music application "Trig Music"

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 27, 2014 16:39 CEST

Trig Entertainment AB commenced its life as a music social media platform but has now reinvented itself as a broad social media platform where its focus is on interacting with its users and there daily lives.

So we announce; '-Trig Music is back!'.

It will have an extensive for free playlist and be available in the first instance on

It will shortly thereafter be added to 'HEYHEY', Trigs Instant Messaging system, in addition it will be delivered as a stand alone application.

All of these methods are being introduced to access the wide variety of markets and choices made by the differing demographic of each user group.

The launch of the initial element will be at an event in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Saturday 31st of May.

Trig Social Media AB through its web site is a global social media platform designed as a social communication platform for life. 

The parent company, Trig Media Group AB, was founded in July 2003 and was earlier named Mobicard Media Group AB.  

Trig is a social media platform which, contrary to most similar platforms, also contains an income generator in the form of ZebraPays which is the trade name for an automated cash back generator. Trig has about 4 million registered members. A patent application has been filed for ZebraPays automated cash back generator.

Trig´s head office is located in Stockholm Sweden but the social media platform has users worldwide. Trig will be publicly quoted on a major International Stock Exchange within short.

The market for online shopping is growing and retailers are looking at many methods of attracting clients , we hope to be a major source for them.

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