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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 17, 2016 12:00 CET

Today the new website Digital Growth News is launched. It’s a descriptive name, since it’s all about digital business. Our aim is to be a one-stop shop to find news, stories and opinions on the latest development in digital evolution – a frontier that will profoundly and globally affect how business is done. (Don’t commit the mistake of thinking that we’ve already arrived. The ride has just begun.)

Entrepreneur and co-founder Fredrik Alstierna: ”Following Digital Growth News is a great idea for several reasons. Digital business concerns us all. Privately and professionally, indirectly and firsthand, the effects are there for
everyone to see.” When it comes to digital transformation, we are talking about a transition that is shaking the foundations of whole markets. Staying updated on the digital scene is of interest far beyond the world of business.

”Age-old business models are headed for the bin, and completely new opportunities are opening up. It’s not for nothing that we’re calling it a revolution. As with previous technological shifts, outdated industries will die and new ones will take their place,” says co-founder and publisher Mårten Hedlund.

Digital Growth News will offer a good mix of informative and interesting content. Regardless if you’ve spent your entire professional life in the digital industry, are new to the subject or just curious by nature, make this a regular
source for what’s next. Naturally, you’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – quite simply the channel of your choice.

Editor in chief of Digital Growth News is Henrik Annemark: ”My job as editor is to identify and spread the most interesting cases and aspects of digital growth. We aim to be a channel for the entire spectrum of digital
conversion, from industrial leaders to fascinating startups.”

Henrik Annemark, Editor in Chief
+46 727 40 50 44

Fredrik Alstierna,Founder
+46 732 49 39 00

Pontus Börresen
Vice President, Country Manager Sweden
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Mårten Hedlund Founder
+46 707 53 11 33

About Digital Growth News
The purpose of is to provide a platform through which we can inform and inspire different sectors of the industry about the necessity of digital growth. By highlighting interesting cases and issues concerning digital growth for the manufacturing industry, we hope that Digital Growth News will be a leading information channel within this very field – digital growth. Behind Digital Growth news is entrepreneurs
Fredrik Alstierna and Mårten Hedlund.

Fredrik Alstierna an entrepreneur with extensive experience in building and leading companies in the digital area. One of his companies, Alite International, with operations across Europe, is a knowledge company specialising in the development and implementation of digitisation in the industrial sector.

Mårten Hedlund, a specialist in communication and relationship marketing, who today operates the communications agency Top 12 Group in Malmö, has during his career worked with and been an advisor to a several successful entrepreneurs and projects.

Alite International is a knowledge and solutions company offering digital services to large industrial companies. We provide solutions based on your current proposition to the market, and thereby adding to and reinventing your digital revenues.

Our team of highly skilled professionals has a background in international business at executive level. Our understanding of both technology and business dynamics, enables us to both make your IT operations more effective and improve related processes. We help you deliver higher business value – faster and at a lower cost. In a word: we deliver digital growth.