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Launch of Swedish App Scene

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 01, 2016 15:18 CET

In a recent article by featuring ten of Stockholm's hottest startups in 2016, more than half of them are found operating as an app company or offering some kind of mobile solutions to customers. Corresponding to this trend is the increasing number of smartphone users in Sweden which is why there is no wonder that businesses (both big or small) are recognising the need to go mobile. 

As part of the software development industry, Codebuilders has since witnessed the massive growth in demand for apps. Working in partnership with stakeholders like Colooc and Urb-IT, from conception to creation and finally consumption of apps, experiences like these showed that there are a lot of things going on behind building a mobile application. This motivated the company to create a sub-project that contains all the various stories, information and updates surrounding the app industry here in Sweden. 

Enter Swedish App Scene

Through launching Swedish App Scene as a news channel, the main goals of this site will be to offer an insider's perspective of some of the most popular or interesting mobile apps built in Sweden and share them with a global audience. There has been a lot of media coverage surrounding startups and entrepreneurship but not one that is specialised in this particular medium that is, apps. 

Swedish App Scene ( seeks to unify this and offer a space for all readers passionate about technology, new ideas and of course, their abilities to disrupt status quo with everything related to mobile. 

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