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Low Carb queen Mariann Andersson - first to publish LCHF book in the US.

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 29, 2012 04:13 CET

Mariann Andersson has in some years as an active blogger and bake xpert become something of a superstar in the LCHF (read low carb) world, primarily for her ability to create good, well-functioning low carb versions of famous pastries. Mariann has in just in a few months sold over 8000 copies of her latest cookbook "Baking with low carb." in Sweden.  Now it's off to the U.S. where an American publisher has noticed her thorough knowledge of low-carb baking.

LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) is a rapidly increasing diet/lifestyle that's gaining momemtum in Sweden and the scandinavian countries. The diet is proven to give weght loss and good health, not the least among diabetics. The lack of carbs claims to force the body to use the fatreserves immediately instead of storing.

– I've just been authorized by my publisher Bonnier to release the top story, laughs Mariann. The first thing I did was to lay out the news on my blog! It is fantastic to see the development that has taken place from when I started until today. The fact that the book would be published in more languages was expected, mainly Scandinavian, but this is very special for me, said Mariann. Not least, it is a feather in the hat for  Bonnier though foreign literature rarely translated into English.

– To have been chosen among so many Swedish authors / books in Sweden is a privilege and an honor that is difficult to digest and absorb Mariann writes on her blog.

– As a child I dreamed of coming to America, a dream that would probably stop right there. But the fact it's happening now as an adult is not wrong either. The smile on the lips Marianns shows that she is happy, very happy.

Marianns book is very popular and learn to be even in low-carb-friendly U.S. As the first Swedish writer, she writes not only about the LCHF, but also about baking with the natural calorie-and carbohydrate-free sweetener stevia, which is generally missing in LCHF world. It has made her a role model for stevia bakers throughout Scandinavia. The U.S., where stevia sweetening is met with great success among such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, will probably receive her with open arms.

It has also led to a long and rewarding cooperation with Arbolito AB Nordic Stevia which owns the brand SteviaVital. She is partly a "house baker" / expert and partly a developer and tester of SteviaVitals new baking friendly and non off-tasting stevia sugar, "Bakery +®".

The book will be published by the American publisher Skyhorse Publishing and is expected to be published autumn 2013.

Mariann's daily blog and who knows, maybe soon it's time to blog in English too?

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