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Leaders of Diversity AWARD: ​Celebrating Sweden’s Best Employers of Foreign Talent.

Press release   •   Mar 09, 2020 10:39 CET

​Celebrating Sweden’s Best Employers of Foreign Talent.

Serious Employers, nominated by foreign talent facing kompetensutvisning to be celebrated at the Leaders of Diversity Award - Stockholm, April 24th

Tightening of visa regulations to protect labor standards against potential abuse by ‘non-serious’ employers, i.e. kompetensutvisning has lead to the deportation of hundreds of skilled, non-EU workers often, for administrative errors, and even from previous employers. But what about serious employers? Tightening of visa rules have affected all employers, including very serious employers pioneering diversity and inclusion in Sweden.

The Diversify Foundation’s survey of over 600 foreign workers affected by kompetensutvisning includes an optional question: they could nominate their employer for an award, as someone who helped them with their work-permit. There are 65 nominees, who will be celebrated along with the Leader of Diversity Award winner at a charity event in Stockholm, April 24.

Cool Company, a nominee for the Award is excited to participate:

– For us, it’s an honor to be nominated for this award and raise awareness on this issue. A colleague was affected a while ago and had to leave Sweden for a year before we got him back. It’s a top priority for us at Cool Company that everyone who works here is treated the same, no matter if you’re a Swedish citizen or not, says Jonny Simonsson, CFO, Cool Company.

The winner is selected independently from Diversify by a separate Evaluation Committee, based on anonymized interviews. There will be keynotes and inspiration from Serendipity, Invest Stockholm, and Scania, as well as useful tips on best practices.

- It is an honor for me to be heading the Evaluation Committee. The issue of kompetensutvisningar is critical for Scania as a company and for all of Sweden as a society. Diversify has done a fantastic job on putting the spotlight on the issue and I am happy to play a small part is celebrating all the hard working and serious employers that we have in Sweden, says Nina Falkstrand, Head of HR, Head of HR, Sales and MarketingScania and Head of the Award Evaluation Committee

-We didn’t know what to expect from this question in the survey, but even workers who were deported and left nominated their organization. These stories of serious employers are inspiring examples of migration ‘done right’ during confusing times. COO, Matt Kriteman, Diversify.

The award is a charity event where nominees are allowed to sponsor, since the Evaluations are independent. Other Serious Employer Sponsors have also decided to be Serious Employer Sponsors of the award. 

-25 years of sleepless nights and hard work is part of having successfully helped Swedish based companies navigate the sometimes challenging process of being granted a work permit in Sweden. We are thrilled to have contributed to positive outcomes for several of the nominated companies in the Leaders of Diversity Award. Celebrate as much as the applicants when a difficult situation is resolved, says Lena Rikdal, Director of NIMMERSION AB and award sponsor.

- We are still monitoring some cases, but kompetensutvisning has at least for now, decreased. With the nominees, you can feel how this challenged and brought out the best in entire organizations, from HR to C level, startups, corporations, everything. We think coming together and celebrating these stories of inclusion can set a positive example for Sweden, and these employers as the Leaders of Diversity they are.

The event is organized by Diversify together with Swedish Institute, IDEON Science Park, and others at Fabriken, in Södermalm Friday evening, April 24. Drinks are provided by micro-brewery, Brewing Koltur and food from Sopköket. Everyone is welcome. Tickets available here: https://leaders-of-diversity-award.confetti.events/

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