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Leading and Most Engaging 10 New Games of E3

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 22, 2019 08:47 CEST

E3 is conceivably the massive event in video games, and this 2018 edition has brought loads of giant trailers and declarations. Just when there are too much new things floating everywhere to swallow them, here are the top 10 games that have been showcased at the conference of this year, which many were thrilled about.

“The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” by developer Dontnod Entertainment was a delight. It is available for Xbox One, Windows, and PS4 platforms, and the release date is 26th June 2018. This game popped out of the crowd. Then comes “Ghost of Tsushima” was a jaw-dropping one. The art direction was incredible. Then there’s the “The Tetris Effect” from the developer “Enhance Games” for PS4 platform. It has been one of the best games at the E3 2018. The reason that makes it so special is cause of its presentation. Next is “Cyberpunk 2077”, featuring whole character creation, and players are able to fight with guns, or even make use of metal spikes. It is available for the TBD platform. The “fallout 76” from the developers of Bethesda Game studio, displays a weird ragbag of influences ranging from the earlier Bethesda.

And among the rest five in the lot, there is “Dreams” by Media Molecules for PS4, with full of puzzle-filled campaign along with a blend of simplicity and depth. Though nothing is yet known as when Sony will bring it to the owners of PS4 owners. “Control” the next most promising mysterious game by far at E3 2018. The stylish debut of the game features a female protagonist. This game is strongly inspired by the X-Files. Then from the team of Insomniac, “Spider-Man”, for the PS4 releases 7th September 2018. These unlocked loads of content of Spider-Man for its demo at gameplay-premier. The combat system of it seems to be faster, further probing, and more versatile. The marvellous zombie killing and an emotional rollercoaster “The Last of Us” was declared prior to the E3 of this year, and the gameplay this year seems very thrilling.

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