Learn2Esport Announces Esports Educational partnership with Aperion Global Institute

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 04, 2019 09:00 CEST

Sweden - September 4th, 2019 -- Learn2Esport a leading International esports educational platform and curriculum provider today announced a global partnership agreement with Aperion Global Institute and its subsidiaries. Aperion Global Institute in the agreement will deploy nearly One-Hundred (100) digital online-e-learning self-paced customized licensed esports certificate courseware through an official licensed Virtual Campus for both companies. In addition to the specially designed certificate offerings, Aperion Global Institute will amplify even more the physical expansion footprint of one of its key partners the BraveDog Games Video Games Innovation Centers also known as (BDIC) throughout the United States.

In 2017 video games amounted to nearly $105 billion in the US and by 2021 is expected to reach $140 billion in sales. Today there are over two billion gamers in the world that are daily cross-generational participants contrary to popular belief. The ability to earn $100,000+ in being a certified esports coach, or nearly $300,000 annually as an esports league Commissioner, $80,000+ as an esports Talent Scout, upwards to $15,000 per month as a Pro Player not to mention the $1.4 Billion the League of Legends generated in 2018 from tournament play.

A few of the fully integrated certified featured courses will include: The Esport Industry, Organizing an Esports Tournament, Esports Talent Scouting, Casting Esports, Personal branding in Esports, Esports Coaching Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels, Diversity and Inclusion in Esports, Esports Workplace Success-Seven Skills You’ll Need for your Career, Entrepreneurship 101 in ESports, On-demand video gaming creation, Effective Coaching and Mentoring Esports techniques, Data Analytics team scoring, Creating and managing your team and league effectively, Intro to ESports Digital Marketing, and more.

Rasmus Sandström CEO of Learn2Esport and founder of Keita Gaming said; “This strategic partnership agreement allows us to take a big step in our global expansion. Our goal is to educate people through esports and create opportunities for everyone to get into the esports industry and start their careers. The partnership with Isiah, Aperion Global Institute, and its partners and the vast amount of esports educational courseware offerings will make it possible to reach even more people who want to get into the esports industry. In a country like Sweden, where education is FREE for everyone from K-12 through College, this partnership expands our esports toolkit even further.”

Isiah Reese CEO of Aperion Global Institute a co-founder of Bravedog Video Games Innovation Centers said; “Our entire global employee team including our educational, Fortune 500 Company partners are beyond ecstatic about this partnership. Our company Aperion Global Institute after conducting extensive research across the globe identified a business channel educational void that we here at Aperion Global Institute in cohort with our partners could readily and successfully execute in the market. The ability to educate billions of esports gamers, thousands of esport leagues such as NBA2K, Madden, Fornite, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, professional and amateur esport players along with the multi-million daily loyal enthusiast video game esport followers will ultimately improve career growth opportunities for individuals that come from all walks of life. In knowing that, I along with the rest of the executive team strongly felt that the LEARN2ESPORT company Lead by Rasmus as its CEO, aligned perfectly with our mission which is erasing the digital educational divide throughout the world especially in underserved minority communities,” Reese said enclosing.

The economic growth and career opportunities in the video game industry are immeasurable, to say the least. The video game industry is changing at the speed of light which requires a person to have the applicable knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to compete in today's digital professional in both the private and public sector. If a person is looking to reinvent themselves, change careers, artists, independent music artists, poetry writers, music or dance choreographer, writer, and you may or may not have a college degree it does not matter. Begin your journey today and become a lifelong learner in the videogames industry in esports and predict your future by creating your own,” said Timothy Howell, Chief Learning Officer, Aperion Global Institute.

The offered online institute will incorporate a supportive source of global experts in their respective fields to lead and guide participants through the material, as well as provide outlets for peer interaction inside and outside the digital platform. The courses offered are to support the idea of creating life-long learners to succeed in the global environment and excel in the global workforce.

No Application Standard Required Admission- 24/7/365 days a year

No Application Fee

Online Enrollment and course access 24/7/365 days a year

Accessible from any Mobile, PC, or Desktop

About LearnEsport

Learn2Esport based in Sweden is an interactive digital global platform educational curriculum leading provider in the esports industry. The customized esport curriculum teaches essential life skills such cross-boundary collaboration, self-leadership, career pathway development and health and wellness. The company creates and deploys games, online content services and certificate courses in specialized focus areas for esport professionals, coaches, analyst, players, students, corporations, entrepreneurs at all levels.

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