Learn2Esport Announces Reseller Partnership for the Benelux Region

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 19, 2019 14:34 CEST

House of Esports joins the Learn2Esport Partner Program

Learn2Esport a leading International esports educational platform (LMS) and curriculum provider today announced a new Partner for the Learn2Esport Partner Program, House of Esports that will serve as a reseller in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) region.

In 2017 video games amounted to nearly $105 billion in the US and by 2021 is expected to reach $140 billion in sales. Today there are over two billion gamers in the world that are daily cross-generational participants contrary to popular belief. The ability to earn $100,000+ in being a certified esports coach, or nearly $300,000 annually as an esports league Commissioner, $80,000+ as an esports Talent Scout, upwards to $15,000 per month as a Pro Player not to mention the $1.4 Billion the League of Legends generated in 2018 from tournament play.

Rasmus Sandström CEO of Learn2Esport and founder of Keita Gaming said; “This strategic partnership agreement where House of Esports will serve as a partner and reseller in the Benelux area is a perfect next step for our company. Our goal is to educate people through esports and create opportunities for everyone to learn how to utilize the skills learned from esport in their social life and in a future work life. The partnership with House of Esports gives us an opportunity to reach more students together with a company that works daily with improving the educational aspect of esport in the Benelux region. This will give us great feedback from students and teachers that will give us the opportunity to develop Learn2Esport further. We want to be able to provide the best service possible in the areas where our customers are, so our goal is to find great companies like House of Esports to serve as our partners in the areas where we don't usually operate"

Willem Noordzij CEO of House of Esports;’ "In Holland we are at the very beginning to integrate esports in education. We saw that the Scandinavian countries are far ahead of us and Learn2Esport has shown the difference you can make and the impact you can have with the educational aspect of esports. The experience and programs they offer give us a flying start. Apart from that we are focused on offline activities and Learn2Esport has a great online platform that makes us complimentary to each other."


Learn2Esport based in Sweden is an interactive digital educational platform and curriculum leading provider in the esports industry. The customized esport curriculum teaches essential life skills such as cross-boundary collaboration, self-leadership, career pathway development, health and wellness. The company creates and deploys courses, online content services and certificate courses in specialized focus areas for esport professionals, coaches, analyst, players, students, corporations, entrepreneurs at all levels. Learn2Esport offers a solution for all schools that want to integrate esports in an easy and qualitative way. All the content is built together with professional coaches, analysts and educated teachers. The Learn2Esport team has great experience from the esport scene and has been involved in some of the largest esport organizations in the world. Learn2Esport's educational platform and courses can be used by schools, organizations, sport clubs, companies and gaming centers. 

Rasmus Sandström CEO



House of Esports 

House of Esports is an agency in the field of esports with the focus on grassroots programs, gaming in society, venues, concepts, invitationals, competitions and teams. House of esports is there for the gamer and a better game. We strive to build a community that is broadly accepted and meets the needs of the gamer. By means of several concepts and partnerships House of Esports wants to be the Home of Esports in the Netherlands. We see esports as part of society and a lifestyle of today. Sports, Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Games, Music, Social Media, Fashion, Leisure and Nightlife. Esports has a lot of potential but has to be facilitated in the right way. We want to support the community and take esports to the next level by adding social value. House of Esports moves at the intersection of government, welfare, education, businesses, the community and the esports stakeholders

Wim Noordzij