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Lebanese food, a start of a new experience

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 04, 2009 15:34 CET

I usually do not fancy Lebanese food, because I have experienced it as very average and not so focused and dynamic. The spices feels the same in all dishes and the heavy food makes me feel very uneased with the culinary culture of Lebanon. However, after tried Beirut Cafe around Ostermalm area in Stockholm changed my mind quite a bit. We started of with a big varitey of starters which we shared. As I counted we had 10 different starters to share and among them were chicken, vegiterian and beef dishes. The most favourable one was Rkakat (deep fried bundle with goat cheese) and they made a fantastic Labhne (Spiced lebanese yoghurt).

For main course we chose a selection of Lebanese meze which is mixed grill. The chicken were really good and had similar taste to Indian chicken in Tandoori style. The mixed grill plate were served with rice or borghol.

For dessert it was a very nice suprise to taste the home made soarbet lemon ice cream with a touch of lime and mint. Very nice flavours and high on acidity.

A dinner experience in Beirut Cafe costs of approximately 1000 SEK per couple with a bottle of Lebanesian red wine.

Total Grade: 3 out 5

Wine Raiting

The wine list felt simple, plain and short. A big and large variety of one wine brand; Chateau Musar with several different vintages which feels a bit odd. It is strange that the restaurant chose 28 vintages of the same wine and the rest of the wine list with only 12 different brands. Why a modern and interesting restaurant would choose Santa Helena Vernus Blend into a already boring wine list. The only twist and interesting fact in this wine list is that they have a few Lebanesian wines, which tasted fairly good however not great.

Also an interesting fact is that the restaurant puts Chateau Musar brand as 95% of the wine list which is a southern medium to medium high quality wine, feels strange. Vintage -59 costs 16.900 SEK when a Chateau Lafite-Rothschild vintage -90, is the dream year of the 90s and the last 20 years (with 2005), costs 12.548 SEK in the restaurant Operakallaren. It makes the vintage -59 from Chateau Musar a small fade away in the competition.

I am sorry to say that Cafe Beirut has very long way to go when it comes to learn on how to make a good and experienced wine list for the restaurant. They tried but failed quite miserable on that point.

Cafe Beirut gets no wine glasses for raiting!