Low Density SLC NAND Flash Memory Boosts the Consumer Electronics, Automotive & Industrial Application

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 17, 2019 14:43 CEST

Low-density SLC NAND flash memory is used in commercial, industrial utilization and embedded operations that require high performance and long-term reliability such as in ink-jet printers, set-top boxes, digital cameras, TVs, toys, automation control, exercise equipment, POS terminals, teleconferencing equipment, etc. It is Read-Only Memory (ROM) for these products, in which it is used for small amounts of data logging and boots up. Low-density SLC NAND flash memory performs the simplest operations among all types of flash memory.

It stores one cell per bit and during reading and writing operations; the firmware does not require going through several levels of data in the cells. SLCs are rated at ten times the endurance, as compared to MLC flash memory. Therefore, currently, SLC NAND flash memory is the only one that meets the requirement of OEM applications with extended life cycles, linked with a large level of endurance, optional wide temperature ranges, and high reliability.

Embedded products with advanced technology have been growing at a robust rate across the globe as existing technology is not capable of handling massive data accurately. Therefore, several smart device manufacturers are now aiming at installing SLC NAND flash memory in electronics devices to increase the durability of their products such as MLC, TLC, etc. Nonetheless, increasing adoption of NAND flash technologies in the healthcare sector is creating lucrative opportunities for the target market growth. On the basis of products, the market is segmented into 8Gbit, 4Gbit, 2Gbit, and others.