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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 24, 2011 00:08 CET


It started with a fascination for MAXJENNY’s design and creativity many years ago.  -“I told Lotta Ahlvar, CEO at the Swedish Fashion Council, that I would love to work with MAXJENNY. It felt so right to create wallpaper, tables and splashguards for kitchens with her designs and thanks to Lotta Ahlvar that connected us, we have now started an exciting collaboration”, continues Camilla Näslund, Concept Developer at Designmäklarna. “MAXJENNY had the big sweeping and avant-garde style that we were looking for. Very much like art! We will supply interior products for both MAXJENNY’s shop online and for her shop in Copenhagen this spring”, says a very proud Camilla Näslund.

-“The circle closes for me with this exciting collaboration with Designmäklarna in Umeå. I am a furniture designer from the beginning and to be working on a parallel track with both fashion and interior design is something I wanted to do for a long time”, MAXJENNY says. “It feels great to work with such passionate people and I am very pleased with the quick decision-making that a small local manufacturing company like Designmäklarna have. I love it when things move on quickly and that is the case working with Designmäklarna. I also see an opportunity for our products to be successful in Japan where my clothes can be purchased in many of the big department stores.”, says a content MAXJENNY.

MAXJENNY’s new collection together with Designmäklarna, with tables, wallpapers, tray tables, countertops and splashguards for kitchens, will be launched at Electrolux Home, Umeå on April 6, 2011. MAXJENNY will make a presentation to invited guests and the press at 7.00 pm together with Camilla Näslund, Designmäklarna, and after that they are available for questions and photos.

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Maxjenny Forslund, born 1975, is a Swedish/Danish designer with a focus on advanced avant-garde style. She was previously a furniture designer, but is now focusing on fashion and textile design. She had a big breakthrough in 2006 when Madonna chose MAXJENNY’s clothes for one of her music videos. MAXJENNY has also had great success with her clothes in Japan, Germany and Holland to name a few markets.


PROFILE,  MAXJENNY from London Design Week 2011 (in Swedish) (in Swedish) (in swedish)





Designmäklarna started in 2005 in Holmsund/Umeå, Sweden as a furniture agency but has now made the move to produce furniture, interiors and accessories with internationally and nationally recognized designers. Designmäklarna invest in local, regional and environmentally sustainable design. A large part of the output is produced in the North of Sweden. The DesignM CollectionTM includes furniture, wallpaper, splashguards for kitchens, textiles and more.