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Major Economist and Antibiotic Resistance Conferences get Sweden’s Life Science Investment Year 2013 off to a flying start

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 08, 2012 14:53 CEST

Following recent major new investment in the sector, seventeen Swedish life science organizations have joined forces to deliver Sweden Life Science Investment Year 2013. However, a year of exposure for partners and partnerships in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical technology actually already kicks off in November with Uppsala hosting two major conferences on consecutive days November 22-23 -the prestigious Economist Life Science Frontiers conference, followed by “In joint battle against Infectious Disease and Antibiotic Resistance”.

According to Stockholm-Uppsala Life Sciences (SULS) CEO Ola Bjorkman, both conferences are designed to stimulate fresh thinking by bringing together leading international experts in an inspiring setting: “We are delighted to have attracted the Economist Conference here. In addition, the central theme of “bridging the gap between science and healthcare” could not be more apt for a conference supported by SciLifeLab which has just received major government funding to continue its work translating leading-edge protein science research into tangible healthcare benefits. Equally the region can justifiably claim to be home to world leading research into the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. We thus hope that these two conferences will get Swedish Life Science Investment Year 2013 off to a flying start.”

The year will feature a number of major events throughout Sweden and the Nordic countries, the highlight being BioPartnering Future Europe, when 2000–3000 international investors and partners are expected to visit Stockholm.

To date, the following meetings are scheduled:

  • Biotech Umeå Investment Day, Stockholm, 31 Jan
  • Focus on Diagnostics and Biomarkers, Uppsala, 13–14 Feb
  • Health 2.0 Kista, 22–24 March
  • Bioequity, Stockholm, 22–23 May
  • ICT – Life Science – Health, Stockholm, August
  • SALSS (invitation only) August
  • Medtech Investment Day Nordic, Helsinki, 2–3 September
  • Biopartnering Future Europe, Stockholm, 13–15 October

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