Scientologi-kyrkan i Malmö


Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 09, 2011 11:47 CET

The Church of Scientology Malmö hosted an event in cooperation with The Way To Happiness Foundation Sweden on 15 November to put this booklet called The Way To Happiness also in the spotlight in Malmö. With an interested audience in the Conference Hall in Arlöv the various aspects of this powerfull booklet were highlighted in an event where also artists gave their interpretation of "happiness".

Columbia is an example of a rapid change of a society at the grassroots level. It is known as “the Miracle of Columbia”. A sudden drop of crime of more than 50%. A dramatic drop in drug trafficking. A restored calmness across the whole nation. And a dramatic uplift of the economy. These are all the result of a two year long distribution of millions of copies of The Way To Happiness. Once started by a well-known Columbian comedian and a police officer, the campaign spread like wild-fire all over the nation. By now, all of the police and parts of the army are involved in the distribution of this little booklet, during soccer matches, during cultural events, at busy traffic points. And countries like Argentina, Brasil and Peru have now requested their own campaign to be implemented across the nation. 

This has been done in other places too. Restored relationship between Palestinians and Israelians through the widespread distribution of The Way To Happiness a few years ago. Media failed to report on this but it happened nevertheless.

Members of The Way To Happiness Foundation in Sweden have decided that Malmö is to be the model town for peaceful co-existence in Scandinavia. Again through the widespread distribution of The Way to Happiness. What has been done in other places can be done here too. Distribution has been started already.

The Way To Happiness is a guide to a better life based on common sense. It contains 21 “rules” on can follow according to his own understanding. One of such guidelines is The Golden Rule. Published by L.Ron Hubbard in 1982 over 80 million copies have been distributed, bringing calmness in a chaotic world.

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