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Mapsiot signs an agreement with Canon Europa

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 17, 2017 16:18 CEST

Established since 2012, Mapsiot is providing and developing a unique Business Intelligence Tool - MaPS Enterprise. A cloud based MPS tool for print partners and customers. As an independent privately held company, we have a vision to create a leading and disruptive application for the MPDS market. Mapsiot are focusing and unleashing the power of big structured data in a new way.

Our proposition enables Canon to build strong partnerships by providing an unrivaled, easy to use, on-going MPS Service to their print partners. Our approach and success comes from open discussions with our partners and customers by highlighting the cost and benefits of optimizing their print fleet. Canon’s partners become trusted advisors bringing long term business relationships.

“We are of course very excited and honored that Canon Europa decided to offer MaPS Enterprise to their partners throughout EMEA. With our Business Intelligence Tool, print partners can for the first time gain new insight for creating new MPS contracts to their customers. Giving them the visibility to make the right decisions regardless of brand or make”, says Håkan Lindgren, CEO of Mapsiot AB.

Together with Canon Europa’s different sales channels, MaPS Enterprise is now offered across Europe, Middle East, and Africa in total over 100+ countries.

For more information please contact:
Håkan Lindgren, CEO, +46 701 052 802
Eskil Eilertsen, Marketing Manager, +46 701 052 820

Mapsiot AB with head office in Stockholm, Sweden was founded in 2012. The company offers, services, support and consultation with brand- and supplier independent print management solutions in focus. Through strong global partnerships, Mapsiot AB is offering a simple, accurate and complete MPS service designed for both print partners (VARs) and end users. This allows customers to be printelligent.