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Maria, 13, Sweden’s youngest non-fiction author #Green Smoothies - #Weight Loss Recipes

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 25, 2014 19:37 CEST

Huddinge, - Sweden - 13 June 2014 - The Mother-Daughter team at Golden Opportunity, an established provider of Change, Coaching & Wellness services, today announced their debut of the book Green Smoothies - Weight Loss Recipes, a compact, in-depth recipe book helping users lose pounds the fun, healthy and lasting way. It is co-written in a mother – daughter team, with the youngest non-fiction author in Sweden, Maria Bern, at merely 13 years old.

According to Golden Opportunity CEO Sara Bern, the Green Smoothies - Weight Loss Recipes book is now available for purchase at or at (with instant access to a quick start guide with 5 recipes). 

It all started when Maria took the recipes from sticky notes on the pitchers to the computer

"My thirteen year old daughter, Maria, and I have worked jointly on this book as a private project for some years and it is truly exciting to finally see it hitting the marketplace," said Bern. "It all started with sticky notes on the smoothie pitchers. Maria, who was staying home from school a few days, got bored and started to help me enter the sticky notes into a document. Then we decided to do a joint book project and contribute from our respective expertise. Maria had chosen the images and created the recipe titles. She also did the keyword research (yes, that´s true!) and has, generally, contributed well to the concept, content and design. We spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing this compact recipe book and we are very confident that consumers will find it of great value. It does not only give 55 recipes, but also guidance on how to make endless variations. Maria has also, in spite of her young age, proven to be a very competent partner in our joint seminars/workshops on the topic.”

Benefits with this book: Green Smoothies – Weight Loss Recipes

Sara Bern explains: “This recipe book helps readers achieve:

·  sustainable weight loss,

·  improved health, and,

·  better self-confidence.”

Maria adds: “And it is also fast, easy and fun!

As Katharina Nyberg, one of their readers commented: “I LOVE Green Smoothies. And it is even more enjoyable to take out the weeds in the garden and include them in the smoothies."

Maria, 13, is the youngest non-fiction author in Sweden.At her leisure time she loves music, horses and theater. She plays the piano very well, trained in the Suzuki mehod. Her motto is: Of course it works! Read more about Maria at

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