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Marigold releases the EP ”Och så kom regnet”

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 12, 2013 09:05 CET

"“In a small studio, located in a trashy apartment complex in Southern California, just a few hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean – Marigold was born.”

Only whispers have been heard from the Borlänge-based band for the past three years. After the success of their debut album ”Vagabond” which has been referred to as ”a concoction of delectable electronic dance-indie”, the band retracted to the studio. Since then they have been seen playing a few selected venues such as the Peace & Love-festival (Borlänge), Debaser (Stockholm) and Nyhetsmorgon (Swedish national TV-show) but no new music has been released.

It is now time for Marigold to reveal a brand new concept-album-and-EP. The EP ”Och så kom regnet” ("And then came the rain") will be released on the 12:th of December followed by an album (”Allt kommer bli bra”) in the spring of 2014.

”Och så kom regnet”s “City Farwell” is based on a vision of abandonment of the city structure, a sort of anti-urbanization. Here Marigold questions our society and social structures. The song “At Belloy-en-Santerre” (Ode to Alan Seeger) is based on Alan Seeger´s poems and is both a historical flashback and a tribute to a great poet as well as an observation of the beauty in human nature. In “Pay it forward” the theme is a strong family bond between mother and son where singer Daniel Wallsten sends a personal tribute to his mother, whilst looking back on his own role in the family during his upbringing.

In the EP ”Och så kom regnet” Marigold begins to seek their way back to the ambiguous values, which started to take form in the late sixties. From the micro perspective of one´s own family´s structures to a macro social perspective, Marigold forms the question - Where are we all going?

Wanngård Produktion är ett nystartat svenskt management och pr-bolag som promotar morgondagens talanger. Företagets starkaste sidor är dess arbete med koncept och artistutveckling. 

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