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Markku Koivisto, Director of UPM ProFi is the next nominee to Cleantech Scandinavia’s Hall of Fame

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 09, 2010 06:03 CET

Stockholm, 9 October 2010


Markku Koivisto, Director of UPM ProFi is the next nominee to Cleantech Scandinavia’s Hall of Fame!

Markku Koivisto, Director of UPM ProFi was awarded The Scandinavian Cleantech Hall of Fame nomination during the Cleantech Venture Day in Lahti, Finland, on November 4th.

The theme of the Cleantech Venture Day, where the award was handed out, was very fittingly “cleantech goes mainstream”. This of course does not happen by itself, but needs the help of driven individuals who see business opportunities where others may see threats, or simply costs.

Markku saw tonnes of clean plastic and paper being buried in landfills or burned. Since he hated the idea of buying an expensive raw material and throwing it away he instead turned this former waste stream into a business area producing wood plastic composite, a valuable material very similar to hardwood.

During a tough time, when his company has cut personnel, he has grown this unit from nothing into 60 people, two production sites, sales covering all of Europe and initial sales also in Asia. This business unit is now a fast growing unit of the parent company UPM, one of the world’s leading forest products groups.

The official motivation is: “For changing the way a big company does business by turning waste and CO2 emissions into a business opportunity. The rapid growth of the UPM ProFi business unit shows by example that a cleantech business area inside a company can achieve superior results even in hard times. Markku Koivisto, director of UPM ProFi Business Area has given the Nordic industry an inspiring success case of how a wastestream goes mainstream.

Markku Koivisto joins Lassi Noponen and Alf Bjørseth in the hall of fame and receives a peace of art from raku-artist Dan Leonette who resides in Gotland, Sweden.

The Scandinavian Cleantech Hall of Fame awards people that have inspired others in the Nordic cleantech industry, helping to accelerate Nordic cleantech development and growth. It is handed out by Cleantech Scandinavia at its events, it is not sponsored and has no other purpose than the above.

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