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Meet a Scientologist—the Silent Birth of Navarra Collins

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 15, 2011 14:00 CET

In the Collins family video on, the sunny disposition of daughter Navarra is a striking element throughout.

Her mother, Zabrina, took great care during pregnancy and childbirth to avoid anything that would lead to harmful consequences later in her daughter’s life.

The introduction to Dianetics video on describes the effects painful incidents can have on a person:

“All of your painful experiences are recorded in a previously unknown part of the mind.  It’s called the reactive mind.  And it throws those experiences back at you in an irrational attempt to get you to avoid the same painful thing from happening to you again.”

The video shows how injuries that occur before or during the birth of a child can have serious ramifications.  Childbirth is a painful experience for both mother and child and words in particular spoken during these moments can have an adverse effect later in life.

“I wanted Navarra to be born in a calm environment.  A child goes through enough trauma during labor without adding to it.  I believed she deserved peace and quiet when she arrived,” says Zabrina. “Having the silent birth meant that it was very much just me and the baby going through something together in the calmest way possible.”

Zabrina thinks the world of her daughter whom she says is a bright, loving, happy child who is virtually trouble-free. 

“I can’t take credit for who Navarra is,” she says.  “She is a spiritual being with her own qualities and abilities. But we did everything we could to minimize the effects of painful incidents like childbirth, and have raised her using Scientology principles to help her reach her full potential.”

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