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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 13, 2005 15:48 CEST

For this christmas 2005 we will find a lot of news in our shops and for the kids there will be plenty of gifts to choose from. One of the cutest news is the small ”photoalbum travel” which contains space for 14 of the favourite pictures. This album with new motives on as an embossed charming boy (blue) and a lovely girl (pink). The album is convenient for the kids to keep their own photos in, but also the worlds most lovable gift for grandma and grandpa! The price is Skr 95.

Why not add that gift for the kids, with a very nice looking and smart paper box in size A4. Comes in two colours as light blue and soft pink. The exact size is 24,5x32,5 cm on the box. Smart for keeping paper, drawings and pictures in. And a very nice and functional accessorize in the childrens room. Price Skr 195.

Cool backpack
Another christmas present for the little older kids, is Ordning&Reda´s new soft backpack in a glossy nylon material. Perfect as a training bag, as school bag and also for ”going away for one night” bag. Very easy and functional for small kids, teenagers and also for adults. Made in nylon, and has a strong round woven polyester drawstring. Comes in two colours; black and army-green. Costs Skr 95 (the size is 40x48 cm).

Smart wallets for travelling and daily use
Ordning&Reda launches a new travel wallet in strong black nylon with one pocket for coints, ten pockets for creditcards and pockets for the passsport, boarding card and tickets. A strong zipper keeps the travel wallet together when it is closed. The size is 13x25 cm and it costs Skr 250.

Also a nice wallet in the same design and material for daily use is launched at the same time. The size on this one is 19x10,5 cm and it costs 175 Skr.

Time for writing
During wintertime it seems like we have som extra time in a way. At Ordning&Reda there is notebooks for all purposes. We will soon launch most of our lovely cloth notebooks, in a new warm cerise colour. As for example ”Guests&Friends” (embossed text on cover) with a silk ribbon, costs Skr 200 and contains 88 pages. In this book you can write down what guests you had for dinner, what kind of food and drinks you had, and why not write some notes about how nice the evening went along. You can also use this book for friends and relatives to write some words when visiting your home.

”The Birthday Book” is a small book we cannot be without. This cloth-book with ”Bithdays” embossed on the frontcover, will also be launched in this warm cerise colour soon. The size is 15x15 cm and the price is Skr 100.

Further it will be more of the Ordning&Reda cloth-notebooks in the cerise colour. For example the classic O&R notebook cloth in A4 (Skr 210) and also in size A5 (Skr155). All the notebooks you will find in a lot of other colours as well.

Greeting cards in new design
For christmas, Valentine day, birthdays, weddings and other special days - it means a lot to write some words to the one that we are celebrating. Pia Amsell, is a new designer at Ordning&Reda, who has designed a couple of new series of beautiful cards for all this kind of special moments.
The folded cards have the sizes 14,8x14,8 cm. Very welcome to your closest shop to see the new motives of the series ”Forest” and ”Celebration” (see photos as well!). The price of the cards including envelope is Skr 25.

Enjoy your presents in a bag this wintEnjoy winter!
The Ordning&Reda christmas 2005 will shimmer of white and gold colours. For this christmas we can choose to give away our presents in a small O&R gift-bag (see picture) as a complement to all wrapped gifts. Enjoy this lovely O&R paper bag which has a white backround and a goldy glitter text on.

The small bag is standing on a dark brown notebook cloth A5, on the photo. Price for the book is 155 Skr.

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