MiK pitching EQT in an UberPitch.

Press release   •   May 31, 2016 14:55 CEST

Everyone knows Uber. It is an amazing success in the new revolution of shared economy that keeps challenging personal transportation. This time the innovative move was called UberPitch.

MiK - an open marketplace for homemade food - was one of the startups that participated in this new take on pitching.  It was pretty simple: the startups were informed that the time window will be open after 13:00. At that time, besides UberX, UberBlack, UberLux, the registered startups suddenly got an UberPitch option.

As simple as any other Uber ride, the car picked up Shu Wei, CEO at MiK, from his office at Epicenter. Marcus Jäxvik, Venture Analyst at EQT, was waiting inside the car. Hop on, buckle up, and pitch.

"I got in the car and we had about 7 minutes together" said Shu, "I presented the company and then we had a little chat about what we do, where we are headed, our current investments and how EQT might fit in the picture" he continues "MiK was the 5th UberPitch for Marcus today and was very excited so we are continuing our conversation".

MiK is a marketplace where one can share and order homemade food. If you like genuine home-cooked food, MiK helps you to find home kitchens and meet chefs near you. If you are passionate about cooking, you can easily setup your own kitchen on mobile and start sharing your talent with people today. Download on the APP Store and on Google Play.