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MiL Institute develops Chinese middle managers in Swedish companies

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 31, 2012 10:40 CET

What drives me and what makes my co-workers ”tick”?
These were two of the questions, which the participants in ”Emerging Leaders”, i.e. the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Program in Shanghai worked on with MiL Institute using Active Listening as a tool. ”Emerging leaders” takes place in Shanghai during the fall of 2012 and MiL Institute powers two of the six modules. The 27 participants in the program are all Chinese nationals working for Swedish companies like DeLaval, FlexLink, H&M, Stora Enso, SEB and several other Swedish banks etc.

Besides Active Listening, the participants got to practise Appreciative Inquiry and coaching skills on the real life dilemmas that they face in their leadership. An inspiring module and useful tools according to the participants themselves:

 ”Appreciative Inquiry really helps us engineers moving from questioning and focusing on problems into focusing more on opportunities”.

”I really got some good ideas of how to move forward with my colleague that has been bothering me for quite a while, so it was really valuable”.

”I really have to listen much more and support my co-workers in finding their own solution”.

One of the greatest gains from participating in a leadership program is the network. Getting support in understanding more of cultural differences between China and Sweden is also part of the program.

MiL Institute is a values-driven organisation where a humanistic view of human beings, an action-oriented approach to change and development and multi-facetted perspectives on leadership and learning form a vital platform. Together with the specific circumstances of the situation, this platform provides the starting point for how activities and assignments are designed, organised and run by MiL Institute.

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