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Millenway Studios launches the beautifully crafted Toby’s Monster exclusively on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 06, 2015 16:40 CEST

Toby’s Monster is (among other things) about lots of doomed sheep and Toby, our cuddly and bravehearted explorer. For years Toby’s been out in search for the elusive Golden Egg. An egg, which legend tells us, holds a mighty and mysterious creature within!

We bring you a fairytale to explore and survive, where you feed your monster to help it evolve into it’s full potential.Toby’s Monster features different game styles, intuitive controls and wingless dragons. A game which balances challenging gameplay with humoristic events, which makes this game perfect for the whole family!

Every scene of Toby’s Monster has been carefully crafted and to give the players randomness and amusement throughout the game as they unlock the secrets of their very own monster.

Eyoel Lundberg, CEO at Millenway Studios says: “We’ve focused on creating a premium game that is something out of the ordinary! Utilizing both a detailed design and a rich soundscape to create a game that the players will love. We have a game that will set the players on a rare and unexpected odyssey from the moment they pick up the game.”


Toby’s Monster is available for $2.99 / £2.29 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod -

Toby’s Monster is the latest game from Millenway Studios, creators of Don’t Die Birdie

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