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Mobile Phone Alerts Swedish Scientists

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 12, 2006 23:00 CET

The Swedish Association of Scientists Memberbenefit has signed an agreement with MedDay. The agreement gives the members the possibility to subscribe for the alerts via text messages to their mobile, for a very attractive price. The service gives authorities the possibility – without middlemen – to mediate information on earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, epidemics, terror attacks and other dangers.

The RegPoint DMS Pocket service works everywhere, regardless of mobile phone operator. By stating ones mobile phone number when registering for the service, one can be assured that authorities and experts can fast and flexible transfer the information. The information is sent only to those who have mentioned that they wish to receive the information, on the actual country or region. Via Internet one can change the country selection at any time.

The Swedish Association of Scientists is the first labor union to make the service available to its members, but they are in good company with insurance companies and travel agencies.
 Our members travel a lot in their work and it was particularly with that in mind that we felt it important to achieve an agreement, says Mr. Jörgen Ohlsson Director of The Association.
 We are pleased that we can offer the members of The Association of Scientists increased safety while traveling with our mobile service, says MedDay’s Managing Director Sophia Salenius.

For additional information:
Marita Teräs
Information Director, The Swedish Association of Scientists - Naturvetareförbundet
Chief Editor ’Naturvetaren’ member magazine
Phone: + 46 8-466 24 81

Sophia Salenius
Managing Director, MedDay AB
Phone: + 46 8-766 22 06

The Swedish Association of Scientists
The Swedish Association of Scientists, Naturvetareförbundet, is a rapidly growing professional association and trade union. We have more than 21 000 members and is an association within SACO, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, with more than 570 000 professionals from different trade unions. To qualify as a member of the Swedish Association of Scientists a university degree in science or forestry is requested. As a professional association we are working with questions related to our members’ professional career status. Important issues are “quality control” of education and training, professional and ethical criteria, career coaching and the progress of science and research development.

MedDay AB is a health services company focused on bringing wireless technology to the global health care community. The RegPoint™ product suite consists of three software components: the RegPoint™ Pocket, RegPoint™ Care and RegPoint™ Supervisor. The solution is used to facilitate two-way wireless medical data transfer between individual citizens, health authorities and care providers. It can be used in managing chronic disease conditions for individuals and/or as a first stage pandemic disease detection tool at the individual citizen level, or as a mobile alert service.