Morakniv launches web shop

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 24, 2016 08:09 CEST

Morakniv is one of the leading brands within knife manufacturing and is well known for their high quality products. In connection to their 125 years anniversary they are opening a new web shop – the next step in strengthening the brand Morakniv worldwide.

The majority of today’s knife purchases stem from online activities in forums, groups and various platforms for e-commerce. Morakniv is often mentioned in these contexts, which has created a demand for the knives, as well as branding products, to be available online in a shop run by the company itself. Now they have taken the first step towards just that shop.

By launching the Morakniv web shop, users from all over the world can purchase carefully selected and specially made 125 Years products. Among these is a numbered limited edition of the model Classic Original, as is a black and gold Companion.

“We’ve noticed the request of a Morakniv web shop from fans all across the globe, and it’s also something we’ve thought about ourselves for quite some time. Given that many of our customers are international, the web shop is our way of connecting to them. There are many dedicated Morakniv fans out there, and the fan base is growing rapidly. Also, that we’re able to launch the web shop in connection to our 125 years anniversary, with specially made products, is even greater”, says Björn Åkerblom, Sales and Marketing Manager at Morakniv.

Visit the shop: Morakniv web shop


For further information, please contact:

Björn Åkerblom, Sales and Marketing Manager

Telephone: +46 250-59 50 59

Morakniv – Made in Mora Sweden since 1891

Sedan 1600-talet har man tillverkat knivar i Mora. Tryggt förankrad i denna långa hantverkstradition startade Erik Frost vår första fabrik i Östnor utanför Mora år 1891. Idag förs traditionen, den samlade kunskapen och erfarenheten vidare av Mora of Sweden. Vår fabrik ligger fortfarande i Östnor precis som för hundra år sedan. Här till­verkas alla våra knivar under minutiös kontroll och med en blandning av hantverkskunnande och modern teknik. Design, material och metoder förfinas kontinuerligt av personal som ärvt genera­tioner av yrkeskunskap.