More new destinations from SAS Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 30, 2006 11:09 CET

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More new destinations from SAS Sweden

SAS Sweden is opening three new routes from Stockholm - to Bergen, Lyon and
Bristol - in time for the summer vacation season. This means that SAS Sweden
will add a total of nine new destinations to its network next year. The airline
is also increasing the number of seats available on its existing routes to the
leisure destinations Nice, Istanbul, Athens and Split.

"Things are going well for us and we are expanding with a number of new routes
where we can see a high level of demand. We already serve more destinations from
Sweden than any other airline and offer the highest departure frequency. We are
now offering even greater freedom of choice with yet more non-stop routes from
Stockholm-Arlanda", says Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director of SAS Sweden.

June 25 is the opening date for SAS Sweden's new route between Stockholm and
Bergen. The route will be flown five days a week until August 24. Bergen is the
gateway to the Norwegian fjords and offers a unique mix of culture,
entertainment, history and outdoor experiences.

The culinary capital of France, Lyon, also features in SAS Sweden's summer
offering. From June 28, there will be twice-weekly flights between Stockholm and
Lyon. One of the reasons behind the launch of the new route is increased demand
for vacation travel from Lyon to Stockholm.

The United Kingdom's third biggest tourist destination, South West England, will
have a direct link from Sweden with the opening of the Stockholm-Bristol route
on June 29. South West England includes popular travel destinations such as
Devon, Bath and Cornwall. The route will be the only non-stop air link between
Stockholm and Bristol. The routes to Bristol and Lyon will be operated until
August 13.

More seats will be made available between Stockholm and the existing
destinations Nice, Athens, Istanbul and Split. The flight frequency between
Stockholm and Nice will be increased between April 4 and October 7. The
Stockholm-Athens route will also have increased flight frequency, mainly between
April 28 and November 3. The Stockholm-Istanbul and Stockholm-Split routes will
be flown with larger aircraft.

Trips to and from Nice, Athens, Instanbul, Split, Bristol and Lyon are part of
"Nya Europaflyget" - SAS Sweden's new concept for European air travel - offering
one-way fares from SEK 650. Tickets to and from Bergen are from SEK 595. Tickets
are available for purchase from December 5.

For further information, please contact:
Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director, Scandinavian Airlines Sverige,
tel +46 70 997 5074

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