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Morris Motorcycles AB announces Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2011 and participation in TTXGP 2011

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 25, 2010 18:23 CEST

Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2011, the racing division of Morris Motorcycles AB will enter in both classes, the TTXGP Formula GP and the TTXGP Formula 75.

"TTXGP has proved itself during the 2010-series. And built a foundation for the future of motorsports, a foundation that is so viable that we wish to continue to participate. No one can deny the fact that the factory team entries heralds the opening of a more competive, more professional series 2011. A challenge and an
opportunity for all of us that have been enchanted by the possibilities of electric motorcycle racing. The challenge includes ramping up the resources and material of our team, and the opportunities are endless  - in racing as well as in business development." says Morris Packer, CEO of Morris Motorcycles AB and Team Manager of Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010.

To meet the new challenge of the TTXGP 2011 series, Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2011 is also proud to  announce that they have secured official support from the SVEMO, the Swedish Motorcycle & Snowmobile Racing Federation and SMC, the Swedish Motorcycle Rider Association. With the endorsment of SVEMO Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2011 will have excellent support in recruiting Swedens fastest and best riders for the 2011 season, and through SMC and their excellent traing courses a unique opportunity to promote electric motorcyling among their 75 000 members.

An additional and vital partnership for Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2011 annonced today is the teams strategic cooperation with Alelion Batteries AB.

Alelion Batteries AB from Gothenburg, Sweden, provides high performance batteries for optimized products. Alelion Batteries AB's main business is to define, develop and deliver tailor-made batteries and power electronics to all kinds of demanding products that benefit from new battery technologies. With Alelion Batteries AB's expertize Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2011 will have the best possible solutions for the most demanding issue in electric motorcycle racing - battery technology. For more information about Alelion Batteries AB:

"For the 2011 series our goals are simple. Race well, race hard, develop, have fun and aim to win." says Morris Packer.



About Morris Motorcycles AB (

Morris Motorcycles AB and it's racing team, Morris Motorcycles Racing Team was founded in 2010 Morris Motorcycles AB is independent business endeavor that aims to promote, import sell, develop and race high
performance electric motorcycles in Scandinavia.After the 2010 season, Morris Motorcycles Racing Team 2010 is entitled the honor of being "Sweden's leading ev-racing team". Morris Motorcycles Racing Team is also labeled "The world's first crowd-sourced electric motorcycle racing team". With more than 200 team members during the 2010 series Morris Motorcycles Racing 2010 embodies the power and unlimited knowledge that a crow-sourced entity can produce.