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Mriday is launched - solve a company's problem, win money and job offer

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 25, 2008 22:32 CEST

On Monday the 22nd of September, 2008, has been officially launched. Mriday is a Internet service that creates new opportunities for companies and individuals. It provides a platform where a company can publish a project or problem in the form of a contest. Individuals can then apply for the contest's reward by uploading their solutions. The reward is usually a combination of money and career opportunity.

Mriday is designed to improve the recruitment system. Shan Huang, the founder of Mriday, realized that most job websites only provide a list of CVs. Although CVs are effective at showing the background and qualifications of job applicants, companies do not learn their skills. Without an understanding of the applicants' skills, there is a certain amount of risk whenver a company is making a recruiting decision; Mriday aims to reduce this risk. On the other hand, individuals with strong abilities but without the right educational background have difficulty when applying for jobs with strict requirements. This means that certain job positions are not effectively matched up with the right people. Mriday gives anyone a chance to prove themselves to the companies they wish to work for.

The goal of Mriday is to remove the unneccessary hinders of today's recruitment system, and create a more effective and fluid economy.

On the first day of launch, Mriday has contests from Skanska, SantaMaria, Envac, and Semcon. The Semcon contest for example, is called "Building the perfect alarm clock", and the reward is 10 000 SEK and potential employment.

Mriday's founder, Shan Huang used this business idea to participate in Venture Cup during the 2007/2008 season. During this process, Shan met fellow Chalmers students, Daniel Berndtsson, Carl He, and Mikael Onsjö, who would later become important members of the company. Shan also got guidance from Mariah ben Salem Dynehäll from Drivhuset. Mariah has been an important mentor for Mriday, especially during its early stages. In April 2008, Mariah introduced Mriday to Patrik Wigton from the business incubator IQube. During the first meeting between Mriday and IQube, Patrik realized the idea's potential. The two parties later agreed to work together, and Mriday AB was eventually formed and moved into IQube's office area, which is situated in Chalmers Teknikpark.

For more information, contact:

Shan Huang, CEO of Mriday AB, tel 0736-935032, e-mail