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Mundati AB och KibbCom PV Ltd inleder samarbete för den indiska marknaden

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 12, 2017 11:29 CET

PRESS RELEASE – MOU established between Mundati AB and KibbCom India Pvt. Ltd. 170112

Mundati AB, a company based in Karlstad Sweden, and KibbCom India Pvt. Ltd based in Bangalore Karnataka India has in the effort to form a long term partnership signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding).

Mundati AB have identified India as one of the most interesting markets for sanitation solutions. Over 600 million people practice open defecation which is a source for many problems within the society. India and it ́s government is recognising this problem and are investing heavily to solve these problems. It is therefore important for Mundati to have representation on the Indian market and we are happy to announce that we together with KibbCom India will represented in India.

KibbCom India Pvt. Ltd. sees big potential for the company Mundati’s SandatiTM System (hygiene and sanitation solutions) in the India market. Although there is already companies offering e-Toilet solutions in India they do not have the same eco-friendly system concept that the SandatiTM System provides.

For any innovation to become successful it needs “3S”; Scale , Speed and Scope .
With Mundati ́s Innovations in the sanitation field we want to bring 3S to Sanitation in India as there is now a lot of focus on improving sanitation condition in India.

KibbCom India thinks that as the production and production process of the SandatiTM System cabinets (toilets);

  • - Can be locally adapted, locally manufactured using local sourced eco-friendly materials
    (according to Mundati ́s specifications, standards and processes)
  • - Involves the local community with a unique business model that create local revenue streams and incitements (Inclusive Business).

It will;

  • - Be appealing to the “Make in India” initiative driven by the Indian Prime minister where he wants to setup manufacturing units in India.
  • - Help the villages with their sanitation problem and also give job opportunities to them.
  • - Help the local agriculture by providing extra manure.
  • - Due to its monitoring and safety features be a heavily used system by the communities.
  • - Open up opportunities for KibbCom India in not only the market and sales of the Sandati SystemTM, but also in being instrumental to bring / establish many local manufacturing plants that uses eco-friendly material instead of Stainless Steel which is used in many other sanitation cabinets.

    Mundati with its SANDATITM system is re-defining the toilet -it is ecological, cultural adapted, cost-effective, easy and smart.

    It also does prevent the distribution of bacteria and viruses through it ́s way of operation and adapted features.

    It also gives something back to the local community by creating jobs and manure that can be used in the local agriculture.

SandatiTM System USP`s

  • Autonomity – from electricity, water and sewage
  • Self -disinfection
  • Culturally adapted ( for different sitting positions )
  • Ecologically adapted – gives manure back to the local community
  • Designed with women and children in mind for increased safety and comfort
  • e-Connected – informs the administrators when it is time for drain the sewage or refill the chemicals via a mobile app and provide safety alarm
  • LED lightning both in and outside for improved security
  • Easy – to maintain for the local community
  • Modular – can be adapted for different kind of needs
  • Easy to transport – ”flat packages” like the model of ”Ikea”
  • Involves the local community with a unique business model that create local revenue streams and incitements ( Inclusive Business )
  • Cost-effective
  • Sandati Cassette Solution

    Sandati Cabinets at night

    Sandati Sewage Solution

    Sandati Cabinets at day

    Sandati Septic tank Solution

    Sandati Treatment plant

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    Mundati AB Phone:

    +46 70 22 555 22

    Innovation Park, Sommmargatan 101 656 37 Karlstad

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    SandatiTM System Approach

    To be a relevant long term partner, Mundti see that a circular adaptation in all parts of the value chain is critical in creating the desired functions and effects. Mundati derives its momentum from the implementation of the new circular economy.

    • Bio-ecological circularity in both design, production, operation and dismantling
    • Bio-circular in the handling and treatment of the human organic waste
    • Circular economy implementation in the local community engagement

      The full system perspective in all levels of the chain of interests is what creates sustainability in both economicl terms as well as in the bio-ecological perspective. Mundati delivers the tools to present incentives to all included parties.

      Mundati AB, see that KibbCom India can help them to enter the India market, by:

    • Promoting the SandatiTM System
    • Marketing and sales of the Sandati SystemTM
    • Introducing Mundati to local government bodies looking for innovative sanitation solution for healthier communities.
    • Establishing liaisons with the India academic world regarding new sanitations system. Together KibbCom India and Mundati will cooperate in branding activities.

      Mundatis products and systems bears all the characteristics that KibbCom India stands for; Affordability, Sustainability and Quality. As these elements are paired with Innovation and Drive. I see with confidence forward on a successful journey together. (Ben Boman; CEO KibbCom India pvt. ltd.)

    For further questions please contact:

    Mundati AB
    Henrik Smedberg, VP Business Development + 46 70 22 555 22

    KibbCom India Private limited Ben Boman, CEO
    + 91 9108290838 

    Mundati develops innovative sustainable hygiene and sanitation solutions designed for urban and rural areas in developing countries , refugee camps, disaster areas and areas in where water and drain is missing. These solutions are independent , autonomous, eco-cyclic, cultural adapted and connected to the web for easy maintenance. The solutions involves business models that adress the whole value-chain with a "inclusive business" perspective to create a profitable and sustainable solution on site.