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MVG - Motala Verkstad Group AB shows sales growth of 101%!

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 15, 2017 12:08 CEST

MVG - Motala Verkstad Group AB has the ambition to become a leader in Sweden, the Nordic region and Northern Europe in the field of medium and heavy machining, assembly and welding.

In recent years we have created a clear structural change and adaptation to the prevailing market, thus laying the foundations for strengthening our own and our customers' competitive advantages, which our customers now make use of by increasing their volumes. The market clearly demonstrates an increasingly globalized competition and this forces all parties in the market to develop their offers and grow stronger together.

In addition to leading quality and delivery precision, the business model, where our customers have access to the entire MVG's capability and capacity through a centralized customer organization, has been a contributing factor to strong sales growth. Accumulated during the first 6 months of 2017, MVG has a total increase of 101% (66% in comparable units), compared with the same period in 2016.

MVG offers high competence in advanced processing, complex welding and challenging assembly projects, on four different production units. MVG produces everything from components to ensuring the full flow from purchasing, production technology, production, warehousing and logistics for entire machinery / systems.

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Daniel Ellison, CEO, Motala Verkstad Group AB, mail: alt.

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Motala Verkstad Group (”MVG”) är en koncern inom verkstadsindustrin med fokusering mot tillverkning av produkter som kräver tung kvalificerad maskinbearbetning, svetsning och montering. Kunderna består främst av välkända storföretag med basen i Skandinavien. MVG består av moderbolaget Motala Verkstad Group AB och dotterbolagen tillika produktionsenheterna Motala Verkstad, Motala Verkstad Group i Kristinehamn, Fosie Mekaniska Industri och från den 1 oktober Motala Verkstad Group i Gustavsvik. Tillväxt sker både organiskt och genom förvärv. MVG har cirka 160 anställda och en omsättning på cirka 200 MSEK. För mer information se