MXN Sweden AB

MXN Sweden AB writes subcontractor agreement with Scania.

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 09, 2008 13:50 CEST

Thanks to that we never thumb on the quality and strive to lead the development in the area. Scania may now access one of the most advanced and complete systems within reversing camera, side camera and front camera systems. This is a strongly growing market with EU directives in force front view, side view and rear view which means that either camera or mirror must cover all blind spots to increase security.

The first product Scania has chosen to launch is our reversing camera with an auto shutter to protect the lens against contamination when not in use. The demand for this model has increased enormously just the last year. More advantages is that the camera is equipped with a microphone so that in addition to the driver being able to see what is behind the truck he can also hear what is going on. The camera is automatically heated below +10°C in order to cope with the harsh Scandinavian winter, including the camera housing. The camera is equipped with a 120 ° wide-angle lens of the highest quality.

MXN Sweden was founded by Mikael Ginste who was one of the first on the Scandinavian market with rear view systems. The company is currently the leader in the field of quality and market share. The products are sold throughout Europe, which secures the customers existing service and warranty.