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My virtual, international business trip - second week

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 11, 2012 12:23 CEST

So - another week has passed and apart from four days in Berlin, I have continued my virtual,  international business trip. The aim is to create connections on an international level and to spread Your professional reputation in different countries.

So far I´ve done a lot of research on mainly consultancies and made contact by sending out our e-book as an introduction. Surprisingly many have also answered with questions and remarks. Three things has obviously captured their interest:

- Everyone has agreed upon the importance of their professional reputation, but nobody is really aware of what it looks like - or that somebody worked with it in this way.

- We also noticed an interested in that you actually can certify 100 percent of your competence this way.

- Our new presentation that replace the CV was another thing I got questions about. Everyone realise the importance of replacing the CV or consultant presentation with something that is more up to date and creates interest and curiosity.

What is interesting is that I get the same questions with my international contacts as we get in Sweden. The trip goes on till the end of July.

 ”There is no way to put a price on your professional reputation, its value to you is priceless”

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