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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 22, 2007 17:51 CET

Den 8 januari 2007 lanserade Arleklint Photography ett nytt fotoforum på nätet som helt inriktar sig på naturfotografi.

The 8:th of January Arleklint Photography started up a new photo forum on the net, aimed for nature photografy.

Då forumet är speciellt inriktat på en genre, är det istället breddat geografiskt. Forumet har idag medlemmar från Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland, Holland, England och USA

As the forum is aimed to just one genre it is instead aimed for all nationalities. Today there are members from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlans, England and USA

På NaturfotoForum kan naturfotografer hjälpa varandra att utvecklas samtidigt som den naturintresserade som inte fotograferar själv kan njuta av bilder.

At NaturfotoForum nature photographers can help each other, at the same time as those who just are intressted in nature can see lots of nice pictures.

Further info only in english:

The fact that there are members from different countries causes that a number of different languages are used in the forum. All languages is allowed and it works very well.
If you don´t want to write in english you can write in swedish, norwegian or some other language. There is a forum were you - if nessesary - can get help with translations from other members.

NaturfotoForum will participate at the foto fair at Elmia in Jönköping 30-31 mars. The plan is to present information about the forum together with pictures by the forum members. If you want to participate with a picture you can post it in this thread:

We have started Galleri Netura. A virtual galleri were all members have possibility to make exhibitions.

So far NaturfotoForum has published interviews with six Swedish nature photographers.
More will come, but now you can read interviews with:

Erik Malm
Terje Hellesø
Claes Grundsten
Staffan Widstrand
Lars-Göran Abrahamsson
Serkan Günes

At NaturfotoForum you can find information of nice photo locations in Sweden and in other countries. Gradual the number of places increase thow all members has possibility to add there favorite places to the list.