Naty Organic Diaper/Nappy bag

Press Release   •   Jul 07, 2013 14:18 CEST

We have found that there's a need on the market for a diaper/nappy bag that simplify everyday life for a mother. 

We have created pockets for each item you need when you leave your home, such as: wallet, sunglasses, baby bottle, spoons, jar, disposal bags, diapers/nappies, travel pack wipes, disposable mattress cover, cosmetic bag. On the side we have constructed a holder for the soother/pacifier and on the other side the key. We also want the bag to be trendy as we believe that there shall not be any conflict between practical and trendy. This Naty Organic Diaper/Nappy Bag will be of really high level of quality in organic cotton and available to our loyal Naty Ambassadors at a 70% discounted price.

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Welcome to Naty. Naty is an entrepreneurial company founded by Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother. We provide ecological options in personal care with our Nature Babycare range, organic baby textile range and our Nature Womencare range. Our products are a natural choice for environmentally aware parents and women.

At Naty, our vision is a simple one. We want to provide environmentally friendly hygiene products to babies and mothers throughout the world.

When it comes to your baby’s wellbeing you have a choice. A choice between environmentally friendly natural materials and petrochemicals.

Our approach is a natural one. We want to use natural products whenever and wherever possible in our nappies and we will always strive to improve on that front. We want to change the negative impact on our environment, we want to change the world and we want you to help. We know our goals are lofty ones and we know that there are larger companies out there who compete with us. But we believe in our vision, our products and in you.

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