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NCG Group celebrates 10 years of success as provider of software products for CPM and BI

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 17, 2011 09:30 CET

NCG Group, originating from Merkantildata, celebrate these days its 10th anniversary as provider of software products for the CPM and BI in the Scandinavian market. NCG Group has from its start developed its software products based on Microsoft Office products and today also based on Microsoft’s tools for internet and Cloud Computing.

Founder and CEO of NCG Group Oskar Kristiansen pronounce in connection with the anniversary that NCG Group has had 10 good years in the Scandinavian market and now after the company this year released its new generation of software products, BizView, a new era for NCG Group starts with focus on growing from a Scandinavian company to become a global provider of software products for CPM and BI. Now we celebrates NCG Group’s first 10 years and will then focus on becoming the new Swedish niche company that makes great success in the global software product industry.

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About BizView

BizView is a web based software product for performance reporting, budgeting, forecasting, operational consolidation and analysis utilizing spreadsheet interface and dashboards.

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About NCG Group

NCG Group develops standard products, first and foremost related to the Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management sector. Our main objective is to simplify our customers daily tasks by using our innovative products, complete and cost reducing, improving management and control of the company.