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NEC participates in demonstration of cars exchanging information on traffic hazards at DRIVE C2X in the Netherlands

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 31, 2012 09:54 CEST

Heidelberg &   London, July 5th, 2012 – NEC Laboratories Europe   today announced that its vehicular communication system has become part of   the European Commission sponsored research project DRIVE C2X to   make traffic and transportation safer, more efficient and more   environmentally friendly.
  On July 5th, visitors from all over the world will experience how   cars signal each other information on potential traffic hazards such as an   approaching emergency vehicle or obstacles on the road in a 20-minute   demonstration tour at the Dutch Integrated Testsite for Cooperative Mobility   in Helmond, the Netherlands.
  For instance, a car approaching the end of a traffic jam can warn all   following drivers in real time about the hazard. A construction site can   signal its position to all cars in the vicinity, or drivers can see the speed   limits and other road signs in their dashboard display in addition to the   ones by the roadside.
  NEC’s vehicular communication system, including the LinkBird-MX   communication platform and NEC’s C2X-Software   Development Kit, is part of the DRIVE C2X vehicle reference   system. The NEC system has become a leading platform in European vehicular   communications activities thanks to its small form factor, high reliability,   communication stack performance and compliance with standards.
  “NEC’s participation in large-scale European trials is the result of more   than a decade of innovation in vehicular communications, developing research   ideas and successfully bringing them onto reliable pre-commercial platforms,”   said Dr. Heinrich Stuettgen, vice president of NEC Laboratories Europe.
  The trial event demonstrates nine applications for safety and traffic   efficiency. It also provides insights into the test management center and   procedures for Car-2-X (Car-to-Car and Car-to-Infrastructure) communications.   Additionally, the event validates the functionality of the reference system.
  DRIVE C2X is a European Commission sponsored research project that brings   together car manufacturers, research institutes, authorities and information   technology providers to provide a pan-European reference platform for the   communication among cars, and between cars and the infrastructure. The   project started in 2011 with 31 full partners and 15 support partners and is   coordinated by Daimler AG. After this event, the DRIVE C2X reference system   will be made available to seven European test sites where further tests will   be conducted under the common DRIVE C2X reference system.





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