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NEC Philips and Marathon Technologies partner to leverage virtualisation for business continuity and server consolidation

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 11, 2010 15:10 CET

Hilversum (The Netherlands), Littleton (USA) – NEC Philips Unified Solutions (NEC Philips) and Marathon Technologies today announce a partnership, enabling channel partners and customers throughout EMEA to benefit from the combined offer of their virtualisation products and technologies, providing business continuity at the highest level.


With the further integration of enterprise communication applications into business processes, the number of business critical applications on servers spread across enterprise networks is increasingly significant. Organisations recognise that they need to ensure uptime and are turning to virtualisation to realise this.


“More and more businesses are turning to virtualisation as the answer to their IT challenges. It not only accelerates deployment of new capabilities without the need to acquire new hardware, but also simplifies disaster recovery. Additionally, virtualisation allows organisations to improve their infrastructure utilisation, thereby helping reduce costs. Finally, it increases the availability of business applications and improves the agility of IT infrastructures”, says Nick Turnbull, vice president for EMEA Sales at Marathon Technologies.

“With the solutions NEC Philips and Marathon provide, businesses are able to virtualise their infrastructure to provide fully fault tolerant systems. Regardless of the size or nature of an organisation, our solutions provide components to address end-to-end scenarios like data centre consolidation, business continuity and virtualised solutions realising lower total cost of ownership, zero downtime and enhanced security. We are therefore very pleased to add Marathon Technologies’ solutions to our portfolio of server virtualisation methods. With voice being an application where zero downtime is a mandatory requirement, Marathon’s fault tolerance in software adds to the high availability achieved by applying NEC’s fault tolerant hardware and blade server technology”, adds Marco Koenen, enterprise business manager at NEC Philips Unified Solutions.

Virtual High Availability Infrastructure
Implementing a reliable, rapid server recovery strategy can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring redundant server, storage and network infrastructure often in separate locations. Because of this, many companies simply don't have comprehensive business continuity plans to protect their critical infrastructure and applications.


With NEC’s virtual server solutions, organisations can add high availability and disaster recovery options to their enterprise communications solutions. Marathon’s everRun FT (fault tolerant) solution delivers system-level fault tolerance to protect mission-critical applications. With system-level fault tolerance, Windows Server applications run redundantly on both servers. Even when an entire server fails,  continued availability is ensured, without loss of application or data.


The integration of Marathon’s everRun software and Citrix XenServer provide high availability and virtualisation without complexity. By providing fault tolerance for virtual servers and synchronised mirroring of network, storage and data, everRun prevents application downtime and data loss and delivers reliable protection for critical applications like NEC Philips’ SIP@Net server and Business ConneCT and MA4000 applications.


Support to channels across EMEA

The enhanced solutions available through the partnership between NEC Philips and Marathon are available to customers and channels across EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). “We are very pleased with our cooperation with Marathon Technologies’ business partner for Benelux, Raxco Software, providing additional support to our channel partners across EMEA in the area of training and implementation of the offered solutions”, concludes Marco Koenen.

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NEC Philips Unified Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive communications solutions to organisations of all types and sizes. NEC Philips offers advanced IP-based solutions that unify products, applications and services, enabling organisations to communicate and collaborate more effectively, efficiently and reliably. The company is a joint venture of NEC Corporation and Royal Philips Electronics and draws on more than 50 years experience in providing communication systems and services to a diverse and global base of customers. NEC Philips Unified Solutions is headquartered in Hilversum, the Netherlands, and serves its customers through a global network of sales organisations and business partners. For more information:


About Marathon Technologies

With more than 2500 global customers, Marathon is the world’s first provider of fault-tolerant, automated, high availability and disaster recovery software for physical and virtual servers. Marathon everRun® software prevents outages and data loss – without IT intervention or specialized IT skills. Organisations using everRun achieve continuous availability, 100% data protection, and rapid disaster recovery – all through automated “click-to-protect” operation. In the past 18 months, the company has been recognized with more than a dozen major industry awards including  “Best of VMworld 2007 – New Technology”, “SearchServerVirtualization 2008 Products of the Year”, “10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch in 2009”. The company was also recognised as a 2008 Computerworld Honors Program Laureate, a winner in eWEEK's Eighth Annual Excellence Awards Program and finalist for 2009 Citrix Ready Solution of the Year. For more information visit


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