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NEC Provides Low-Cost Cloud POS Service for Smart Devices - Tablet devices used for easy transaction settlements -

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 31, 2012 10:25 CEST

London, July 12, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE:   6701) will begin providing low-cost, cloud-based POS systems using smart   devices, including NEC’s “LifeTouch” tablets and smartphones, from September   2012.
Retailers can launch these cloud POS services the day that a contract is signed and a wide variety of applications can be downloaded from the cloud,   such as NEC’s shop management (settlement, sales and analysis management),   payment (e-money) and CRM (membership, point, coupon management) offerings.
When small sized businesses introduce conventional POS systems, they are   faced with a number of challenges that range from the cost and time to   install the systems, to the need for customisation and system updates.
NEC has addressed these issues by using its POS system know-how and e-money   payment technologies to enable smart devices to provide the same kinds of   store management and transaction functions as specialised POS systems.

Furthermore, this new system allows users to analyse and manage sales   performance and member preferences through NEC’s data centers. The system also provides CRM functions, including coupons and points, which contribute   to a store’s sales performance.
NEC aims to promote these services with small sized food and service related   stores in Japan. Globally, NEC aims to provide these services within 100,000   stores by the end of the 2014 fiscal year, while expanding partnerships with   leading IT companies and service providers in emerging markets.
These new services were produced as part of NEC’s strategic investment toward   creating new business, strengthening international business and enhancing its   energy related business.
Key features of the new services include the following:

1) Quick and affordable POS system deployment

Retailers can quickly and affordably deploy these POS systems to provide store management and settlement functions through cloud services using smart devices and cash-drawer printers, thereby freeing retailers from  the need to purchase expensive specialised POS equipment.

2) POS system know-how

NEC capitalises on knowledge and experience from deploying POS   systems globally to create advanced systems with intuitive user interfaces   that are easy for employees to master and include features such as integrated   sales data and member information analysis.

3) Multiple settlement options

System supports several e-money settlement options using devices   linked with NEC’s “MaPS” (*) marketing and payment service.

4) Provides a variety of CRM services

The system provides a wide variety of CRM services that can   contribute to sales, including coupons and point functions that encourage   return-customers, as well as membership management and seat management.

NEC will continue developing and providing new solutions through   the cloud that improve the customer experience and enhance profitability for   businesses throughout the world.



(*) MaPs (Marketing & Payment Platform Service)

NEC’s electric settlement platform.




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