Jonas Ulveseth in open Beta

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 21, 2013 13:37 CEST

Needbox is a community marketplace for skills and needs in your neighborhood. Now you are able to explore the unknown human resources both amongst your neighbors, in your city or even across your country. Your needs could be lawn mowing, delivery, babysitting, pet holding, cleaning, baking, assemble furniture, manicure, shopping or anything else for that matter. The nearest available resources is without doubt your neighbors. There are tons of people with qualifications, experience, skills and network that can help achieve whatever you like. All people have skills that other is in need of – Needbox bring them together!

Jonas Ulveseth combines a background from coaching, sales and leadership with more than 10 years experience from programming in php,javascript,html and web architecting. He is also a experienced teacher and driving force behind severel startups and projects.

He has experience from programming in standards as zend framework , PHP ,js ,jquery , html , css etc . And has deep knowledge from linux enviroments , videoencoding and video production. See the CV section for more details.

On this page you will find news about products and other things concerning Jonas Ulveseth.

Jonas also is a coach and philosopher and have produced several movies and have participated in numerous interviews and debates, under video you can find some of his work. He also posts articles or blog on this page from time to time.