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Network sharing JVs demonstrate elevated efficiency levels

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 24, 2013 08:21 CEST

The first-ever efficiency benchmark with a peer group solely consisting of network sharing joint ventures (see footnote) is now concluded. Even if there are differences in between the individual JVs, the collective results are truly impressive.

“It is not just the established cost and productivity levels that are elevated compared to the regular mobile operator”, says Fredrik Jungermann at tefficient. “Also network quality reaches beyond what mobile operators have been able to achieve – even though traffic load is higher.”

The achievements underline the necessity for network sharing JVs to continue benchmark themselves to their likes – other JVs – to improve further. Participating JVs can now, through the benchmark and the accompanying analysis, raise efficiency levels one notch further – to the benefit of themselves, owners and end-users.

Thanks to the very positive feedback from participating JVs – and from their owners – tefficient will renew the benchmark on an annual basis. The first JVs have already confirmed their participation. Next round will start in March 2014.

The 2013 benchmark covered all business aspects: OPEX, CAPEX, productivity, network quality and traffic levels. In total, there were 129 KPIs in the benchmark.

Footnote. In countries where it is possible to share mobile networks – e.g. the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Australia – operators can form network sharing JVs to build and operate common radio network assets. Since investments and operational cost can be shared between the owners, the JV improves the efficiency compared to if every operator would build and operate a network of its own. The benchmark shows that network sharing JVs have been able to deliver significant additional savings to owners attributable to a stricter focus and to a higher degree of freedom in selecting operation models e.g. when it comes to outsourcing.

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