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Nevado Roses President wins the 2012 “One Wish Award”

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 26, 2012 11:52 CEST

Mr Nevado is co-founder of Nevado Roses, a family-owned rose farming business in Ecuador. Since he became President in 2008, Nevado Roses has grown its business fourfold and today ships 50 million roses yearly.

The company has qualified for a number of certifications such as Fairtrade, Veriflora and Rainforest Alliance. It also meets US and EU organic farming standards. Today, the company is the world’s most environmental-friendly rose farming business.

A strong contributing factor for selecting Mr Nevado for the award, is his broad engagement in social responsibility issues. Mr Nevado is the founder of the Farmers For Good network, which aims at sharing and promoting fairer and better industrial farming practices in developing countries.

-The One Wish Award has given me unprecedented opportunities to air a new initiative for agriculture with a cause, through a fantastic network of inspiring and competent people, says Mr Nevado.

The One Wish Award grants the recipient the fulfillment of a wish directed to the members of the Innovation Pioneers Network. The winner thus gains direct access to the innovation and development experience of more than 150 member companies.

The award was presented on stage to Mr Nevado by Dariush Ghatan, CEO of Googol and one of the Initiators of the Innovation Pioneers Network.

-Establishing the One Wish Award is a fantastic way to cast light on inspiring actions in the field of innovation. To “grant a wish” is our contribution to the continued journeys of courageous and innovative business leaders, says Mr Ghatan.

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