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Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 13, 2010 09:47 CEST

Congratulations to SLOWFASHIONhouse, because from this week we have an Andrea Brugi shop in shop on the third floor beside the design department in

Italian based Andrea Brugi represents the highest craftsmanship and contemporary design hand in hand. Andrea Brugi lives and works together with his Danish born wife Samina Langholz.

Congratulations to Samina Langholz and Andrea Brugi, because now they have a brand store in SLOWFASHIONhouse, or in Samina’s own interpretation: SLOWFASHIONhouse has opened its first laboratory.

Perhaps a metaphor for the way Andrea and Samina perceive their work.

They are humble but proud and they love their craft. Samina with her base in a strong sense of form, Andrea with his traditions of craftsmanship.

Samina tells: "For us the collection started as a hobby or a game. And now it has become our whole life — but thanks heaven it's still our hobby as well."

Andrea Brugi’s designs all carry a strange touch of naivety — yet at the same time they are very contemporary and modern. They have a rustic and organic appearance; together with their aesthetics they still feel very close to nature and their original habitat. The philosophy of Andrea Brugi is never to create a shape artificially; rather the shape is provided by nature. Andrea Brugi’s collection includes items ranging from small salt jars, over shelving and organically shaped chopping boards to large family style dining tables. Each piece is unique.

How I wish that every one of you could hear the warm and soft sound of Samina's voice when she speaks about her Andrea — in this context about his craftsmanship. I wish that you could see the stars in her eyes when she tells about the table shown below: "Rigetta," she says, "this table is really something special, I don’t know how to explain it. Its legs are made of old Tuscan oak rafters from our local church. At an angle, to stabilize the table, sit old iron holders, originally from a gate, and the tabletop is a 200 year old chestnut door, hinges and locks replaced with new chestnut wood, which gives a contemporary look."
The table is wildly beautiful, I appreciate her enthusiasm and pride, and my imagination has already started to picture who has gone in and out of the door?

Beside handmade furniture, olive tree cutting boards and salt cellars, the Andrea Brugi collection embraces decorative stars, trees and houses.

 I used to tell my two children — I wish to pick the stars from heaven and give them to you. That means I wish to bring you sunshine and moonlight and move all stones from your way. The older the children grow the more impossible that mission is!

Samina's stars is made from another material — even they do not bring sunshine or moonlight, but they are a bit of heaven.

Rigetta Klint is a vissionary and pioneering department store and a meeting point for varius contemporary cultural expressions.

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