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Ecco's new spray gun for confined areas

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 28, 2017 14:04 CET

Ecco Finishing AB is a small Swedish company with an 85-year history specializing in finishing application techniques. Ecco’s in-house R&D department is crucial to our success when it comes to innovation and flexibility to adapt to specific customer needs.

ECCO 81V is the latest addition of low pressure guns especially developed for spraying fluids on objects inside confined areas. Over a period of a couple of months, Ecco’s R&D team, based on specifications by the end customer’s demand for a unit compact enough to work inside small areas, successfully created the ECCO 81V.

For minimal intrusion the control valve for opening and closing the gun, as well as all connectors are placed externally. The air cap is the only part residing inside the spraying area during production. This will facilitate spraying inside the smallest container, pipe or similar object.

ECCO 81V circulate fluid all the way through the valve and gun body enabling easy connection of multiple guns or recirculation of paint. Moving parts are minimized to the external valve. The sealing ring is placed behind the air cap preventing any leakage of spray mist or liquid.

This gun has separate connectors for atomizing air and shaping air. In addition, external air regulators are used to control the spray pattern, and separate valves controls the opening and closing of the flow of liquids. All this contributing to making the gun extremely quick and easy to replace and/or repair.

-This unique gun is not a high volume product but a good example of Ecco’s ability to assist customers with niche products says Peter Krantz, senior R&D engineer responsible for ECCO 81V. Quite frequently, we encounter requests for special application guns where our competitors, due to low volumes, decline the opportunities.

-All Ecco spray guns are designed from a modular concept, giving synergy advantages while still making adaptation possible. Now, we really look forward to get even more requests from customers who need our assistance to solve their specific challenges in low pressure finishing techniques.

Ecco Finishing is your complete supplier of finishing and sealing solutions in applications ranging from automotive, industrial, cosmetic to leather and wood. We supply spray guns and pumps for manual painting or automatic installations. In addition, we manufacture our own high quality paint nozzles, paint needles and air caps.