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New, easier, safer and environmentally-friendly way of duty-free shopping

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 18, 2013 10:45 CEST

Duty free world online is a Swedish-based company that introduced a new sustainable way of doing shopping at duty free shops worldwide. It all started back in 2011 with an idea to create a platform that would allow travelers around the world make purchases at duty free shops online and at the same time lessen the impact on the environment. is a website that offers an innovative, easy, safe and environmentally-friendly way of purchasing duty-free goods.We all know that the use of vehicles release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Airplanes are one of the vehicles that contribute the most into the pollution since they are closer to ozone layer. Ironically, one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of emissions by airplanes is to stop bringing the duty free purchases on board. For example, a passenger travelling from Stockholm to New York will contribute an additional 7.8 kilos of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere if he brings an average of 3 kilos duty free items on board. By not bringing this added weight the passenger reduces the weight of an airplane which in turn gradually decreases the amount and costs of fuel needed for the flight, resulting in a lower volume of carbon dioxide emissions. It is as simple as that! uses this simple fact to help protect the environment. The website allows travelers to experience an effortless, simple and convenient way of duty free shopping. All one needs to do is to place an order online and then pick it up at the duty free arrival shop. Customers enjoy not having to carry duty free bags all the way through to the destination, and since less flammable liquids are brought on board, flight safety is improved. Today 60 international airports have duty free and tax free shops in their arrival halls, however the goal is to have arrival shops at every airport around the world, which will make it very easy to enjoy shopping and at the same time make a positive difference for the environment.  The website also provides other services for the traveler’s convenience: it has a list of airports and shops, top 10 picks of products from the different categories, an airline directory page listing 220 international airlines, a currency convertor along with Forex Market news, blog, world time and a CO2 calculator that will tell travelers the exact amount of kilometers traveled and CO2 footprint left. In other words, pretty much everything relating to travelling and shopping tax free goods. works towards safer flights, sustainable development and a better and cleaner world. “We care about international travelers, the environment and people around us. Our hope is that there will be arrival duty free shops at every airport though it is not currently allowed within EU. We also hope that travelers around the world will continuously contribute to the decrease of CO2 by making sure they are not bringing flammable fluids on board. This way they facilitate onboard safety precautions and protect themselves, their fellow travelers and the environment. What world we choose to leave behind for our future generation is in the core interest of our environmental strategy” - Jan Forsberg, CEO.