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New floor distance for Troax machine guard panels

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 13, 2013 13:42 CET

Troax changes the panel height of all machine guard panels. “We have listened to requests from our customers who have asked for a lower floor distance to make their machine guard safer” says Product Manager Josephine Granell. “This also adapts well with the standards in Asia and North America”.

All mesh-, polycarbonate and steel panels in the machine guard segment will be increased by 50 mm, changing the present 2000 mm panel to 2050 mm and the 1200 mm to 1250 mm height. The new panel height will still fit all Troax fixing systems such as Smart Fix and Rapid Fix.

The system height remains at 2200 mm and the floor distance is lowered from 200 mm to 150 mm. “With a floor distance of 150 mm it will still be easy to clean under the machine guard” says Josephine,  continuing, “We will be ready to supply the new panel height from the middle of February 2013, even though there aren’t any requirements for a floor distance of 150 mm in the Machinery Directive at the moment”, although in the new updated standards for Robots, ISO 10218, there are requirements for a floor distance of 150 mm in some cases.

The Troax group is currently represented in 27 countries, of which 17 are independent sales companies and production facilities in Sweden, England and China.

For the construction and real-estate market, we manufacture and supply apartment storage facilities and lockable garages. Machine safety systems, storage and warehouse partition wall systems, mesh shelving and collapse protection for pallet racks are products which we manufacture for the industry.

In total, Troax has 320 employees and a turnover of around 70 MEUR.