New hospital in Denmark chose Opragon supplied by Airsonett

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 12, 2010 14:38 CEST

The private hospital Hjerte Center in Varde, founded in 1998, built a brand new hospital in southern Denmark in 2010. The new building, which includes three buildings of approx. 5000 m2, contains facilities for examination, treatment, operation, management, technology and service. Hjerte Center Varde annually treats over 2000 patients, mostly from Denmark, but also private patients from other parts of the world.

Hjerte Center in Varde selected, upon recommendation from the energy and ventilation consultant Grontmij Carl Bro, who has experience of Opragon projects in Sweden, to equip its three operating theaters, with Airsonett’s ventilation system Opragon with TLA technology.

Today Hjerte Center Varde is one of Europe's most modern and best equipped hospital in cardiovascular medicine. The entire operation is focused on diagnostic tests, medical treatment and open heart surgery for various types of heart conditions. Among other things, it is the largest hospital in Scandinavia for treating heart rhythm disturbances.

"We chose Opragon to increase the safety of our patients. It is essential to eliminate all possible transmission routes as best as possible and in this process Opragon plays an important role, along with other preventive measures. We are so far very pleased with the equipment and its function, in particular that the system creates low cfu/m3 (colony-forming units, or air-borne bacteria-carrying particles) throughout the whole operating theatre. The ventilation provides a pleasant working environment over the operating table where the surgical staff works. Most of us who work in operating rooms also appreciate the very low noise levels", says Ricardo Sanchez, the Hospital Director.

"It's obviously very gratifying for us to have satisfied customers. We will have ongoing contact with the management in Varde and we will regularly follow up the installation with validation of the surgery rooms to ensure the best environment. Hjerte Center Varde is a good example of that more and more customers and ventilation consultancies start to embrace our technology and see Opragon’s benefits. We are confident that more projects in Denmark will follow the example of Varde "said Peter Ekolind, Sales and Marketing Director at Airsonett AB 

For more information, please contact:
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Airsonett is a research based medical technology company with a unique technology pioneering the development of non-pharmaceutical treatment of asthma as well as management of airborne bacteria and virus contamination. Airsonett was awarded the title Sweden’s MedTech Company of the Year 2009.