Troax AB

New Musca Bracket Enhances Safety

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 04, 2013 09:09 CEST

Troax has had a proven Anti-Collapse screen for pallet racking for quite some time, with mesh panels installed using a steel bracket. Once again heeding both market and customer requirements, Troax has taken its Musca system to the next level by reinforcing the system bracket. This new and design protected bracket is not only flexible and easy to install, it is capable of withstanding significant impact.

The most ground-breaking feature of the new Musca bracket is its new mounting; the new bracket system is both safer and more simple, providing a very strong design solution. Explains Martin Ask, Product Manager for Material Handling and Logistics.

"According to our tests, the Musca system can now absorb impact energy amounting to 2,000 joules. This is equivalent to a pendulum of 100kg travelling at 23km/h, meaning our solution is probably the strongest on the market right now."

This design creates new possibilities in terms of strength and security without complicating the installation phase. Although the installation of the steel bracket takes only a couple of seconds, it is able to withstand powerful impact.

As one of our customers has stated, "Troax listens to the needs of the market — we know this from experience — and this time has been no exception. This design is simple, but brilliant." – Håkan Gedda, Area Sales Manager, EAB.

The Troax Group is currently represented locally in 27 countries, with sales companies in 17 of these and production facilities in Sweden, the UK, and China.

For the construction and real-estate market, we manufacture and supply apartment storage facilities and lockable garages. Products manufactured for industry include machine safety systems, storage and warehouse partition wall systems, mesh shelving and collapse protection for pallet racks.

In total, Troax has 320 employees and a turnover of around EUR 70 million.