PiezoMotor AB

New Piezo LEGS® Caliper 20N

Press release   •   May 03, 2012 08:33 CEST

PiezoMotor is happy to present the new Piezo LEGS® Caliper 20N motor. The motor is intended for the stage market. It is made as a plug-in unit for ease of assembly in linear or goniometer stages. The aim is to miniaturize the total envelope and thereby set new standards. The product can replace any conventional motor solution because it is more precise (sub-nanometer resolution), has great speed dynamics, and will give a much more compact complete stage. Stall force is set to 20 N with a maximum stroke of 40 mm. 

When the motor is in hold position it does not consume any power. The drive technology is direct, meaning no gears or lead screws are needed to create linear motion. This means the motor has no mechanical play or backlash. In combination with the nanometer resolution the technology is quite unique.

PiezoMotor is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of direct-drive, micro-motors based on piezoelectric ceramic materials. Piezoelectric motors are simple, precise and very small, making them ideal for miniature, high-precision systems as well as mass-volume markets such as handheld digital devices and domestic electrical appliances. The company markets its patented nano-precision Piezo LEGS® motors and extremely small PiezoWave® motors to meet such needs.

PiezoMotor was founded in 1997 based on piezoelectric research conducted at Uppsala University. Today, it is regarded as one of Sweden’s most successful high-tech enterprises, with its own R&D, design, manufacturing and testing facilities. The company is privately owned. Financial backing is provided by well-known and respected Swedish, German and American industrial investors.