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New record high for ProQure

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 14, 2011 10:01 CEST

Sales in May exceeded expectations.

ProQure breaks the season trend.

The month of May is traditionally not a strong season for sales of entrance mats and matting service. However, the results of May sales indicate the contrary and proQure breaks the industry tradition. Since we have always communicated that sales of mats and matting service is not seasonal in our industry, the figures for May are very encouraging.

The summer season has started well for proQure. Net sales for the month of May constitutes about 14 percent of sales for the full year of 2010. We have also received more customers. The number of new clients has increased by fourfold compared to the same period of 2010. Entrance mats industry as a whole tend to move at low rate during May and summer months, but with a steady and dedicated service, no matter the season, we at proQure managed to set a new standard for the industry.

The warmer days have led to a clear-cut results for proQure. A combination of continued confidence from existing customers, with an influx of new customers, has made it possible to raise the bar further. An exciting development is that many of our new clients got recommendations from our existing customers, and we are also seeing results from our strong and innovative branding in the digital world. It is clear that our satisfied customers are good ambassadors for our products and services, which of course is extremely gratifying.

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ProQure offers affordable & environmental friendly entrance mats & matting service of superior quality with customers in the whole of Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Choose from different entrance mats such as standard textile mats, logo mats, red VIP carpets & scraper mats. We also offer anti-fatigue mats  & hallway mats.

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