New service for digital business cards provide complete solution for contact exchanges

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 11, 2016 12:00 CET

When the flow of information constantly increases you need the right tools to manage the information. With the focus on Cardzwap® Wonderville offers a new service that combines contact surfaces on social media with the possibilities of digital business cards.

- Users exchanging easily accessible and updated information with their contacts and do not have to scroll through long feeds, says Kennet Bath, CEO Wonderville.

Many social media, according Kennet Bath has a narrow focus on its own platform rather than to highlight all of the user's social links. The amount of information available in the social streams also makes it difficult to find the most relevant data about individual users.

- With our service, you can share all of your networks on your business card. The service is designed to give you and your contacts directly and useful information. At many sites, I have to look myself to death to find a number to the person, says Kennet Båth.

The goal is to make the move away from paper cards, with often dated information, and instead move towards digital business card that is updated in real time. When users share their information so it appears directly in the personal business database, providing users track of who they shared information with. In the design of the service has Kennet Bath started from their own experience:

- I have four companies and it does not work to have four cards in his pocket. With our service, I can create a card for each company and with the push of a button share the link with my contacts, he said.

On the digital platform allows users to upload contact information, social links and different files - everything from a CV in PDF format to a company presentation in Power Point. The platform is optimized for mobile devices and there is no need for updates. By clicking on an address in your business card to open the map function, and click on a number to dial the contact. Besides Cardzwap® provides a complete solution for contact exchange is also completely free, unlike other similar services, says Kennet Bath.

- It is 2016 and we still share our information through scraps of paper, is not it strange? Your digital business cards, you are never without, they will never end and they are always up to date, he says.

For more information on how you can create your own business card, visit Cardzwap (www.cardzwap.com).


Kennet Båth, CEO Wonderville

Phone: +46 19 500 97 01 or +46 734 13 30 37

E-mail: kennet.bath@wonderville.se

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Kennet Bath, CEO, Wonderville                     
Phone: +46 734 13 30 37
Email: kennet.bath@wonderville.se